Silindokuhle Sewing Project

SME Support transforms floundering business into sustainable enterprise.

In compliance with the South African Mining Regulations governing the industry, mining houses have to support enterprises from the local communities around the mines’ operations. Mines are required to identify enterprises and provide them with SME Support over a 5 year period as part of the Social and Labour Plans (SLP). Glencore therefore commissioned Edge Growth to review existing projects in the SLP, and to appraise the viability of new enterprises to determine which should be included in the 2013-2018 SLP submission.

22 enterprises were investigated using various diagnostic tools to determine the viability of both new and existing businesses for support. This included reviewing business plans, conducting feasibility studies and site visits and resulted in Edge Growth presenting a list of five enterprises to the mine. With tailored support, these enterprises have potential to supply the mines and as such are likely to be sustainable businesses that can grow and create jobs.

One of the selected businesses is Silindokuhle Sewing Project (SSP) an enterprise that produces safety wear (overalls) and related Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). In order to deliver the best business development support, Edge Growth conducted a needs assessment; resulting in the following support:

High potential SME gains access to finance and growth support resulting in business generating a profit and doubling turnover.

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Tailored SME support results in enterprise being awarded lucrative contract.

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Funding enables SME to better-service the increasingly growing demand of its clients and creates 4 more jobs in the process.

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