Edge Growth is involved in the following Industries

Mining and Energy

Edge Growth offers the mining industry end to end holistic solutions and has the experience and knowledge to enable seamless execution of Supplier and Community Development initiatives.

Edge Growth understands the dynamics in which mines have to operate, especially the synergies that exist between community and SMME development. It is our in-depth understanding of the mining charters and best practice supplier development nuances coupled with our hands-on approach, that has enabled us to develop strategies and implement programs that address national priority objectives whilst adding sustainable value to the mines.

Financial Services

Edge Growth offers the financing industry end to end holistic solutions and has the experience and knowledge to enable seamless execution of setting up and managing an ESD fund.

Edge Growth has an in-depth understanding of the financial services industry and the balance that is critical between driving core business objectives and driving the agendas defined by the Financial Services Charter. Managing the largest ESD fund in the industry, Edge Growth is best positioned to provide advice to achieve the enterprise development goals across strategy development, fund management and business development support.


Edge Growth offers the FMCG industry end to end holistic solutions for E&SD strategies, program development and management.

Edge Growth has worked with South Africa’s largest FMCG companies to develop their Enterprise & Supplier Development strategies, re-engineer existing programs and implement new programs.

Agriculture and Agro-Processing

Edge Growth offers the Agriculture and Agro-Processing industry E&SD solutions that address localisation objectives and deliver commercial value.

Edge Growth has the specialist agriculture expertise to assist the Agriculture and Agro-Processing industry achieve the legislative requirements in a manner that is sustainable, impactful and value-adding to the organisation and communities in which the organisation operates and has relationships with.

Edge assesses the feasibility and sustainability of ABI’s existing ESD program.

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SME support streamlines business processes and implements strategic planning.

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Optimum Coal explores options to realise greatest return on investment.

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