Our Funds Financing Growth And Expansion

Unlike the majority of ESD firms, Edge can provide the financing SMEs need to support their growth.

Our proprietary Fund Management methodology:

  • Provides a structured way to quickly identify “what we would need to believe” for an investment to be worthy and prioritises rapid testing of key value opportunities and deal killers
  • Leverages market, industry, technology etc. experts to quickly identify value opportunities and risk areas
  • Follows a systematic methodology with proven tools and templates to significantly reduce time
  • Tests and revises the evolving value thesis regularly with experienced investors and relevant experts
  • Leverages experienced private equity and venture capital investors to participate in Investment
  • Committees that make final investment decisions

The most established ESD Fund Manager in the market, Edge currently manages 3 different funds and over half a billion Rands of ESD investments for clients who want to own their ESD strategies but outsource the non-core activity of fund management.


For clients with ESD budgets in excess of R50 million, we develop an ESD strategy and set up an appropriate fund vehicle that will support their business objectives whilst delivering the maximum possible number of B-BBEE points.


Our clients provide fund capital in the form of investments, grants or loans and receive their ED points immediately on deposit. Our Fund Management team then manages the fund at a portfolio level using industry best practice – each investment is identified and screened against the fund mandate and undergoes thorough feasibility, due diligence and professional Investment Committee approval.


Our funds provide capital using a number of instruments, depending on the specific requirements as well as the repayment ability and financial position of each investee.


Once selected for funding, we provide SMEs with the tailored, on-going business development support they need to unlock value and maximise their growth, profitability and capacity to create jobs.


Each ESD fund is governed by an experienced Board of Trustees, professional Investment Committee and specialist Fund Manager in order to ensure strategic, legal, financial and operational governance including:

  • Optimal alignment to CoGP and sector charters
  • High ethical standards, audit and governance methodologies
  • Professional fund administration and reporting standards including detailed quarterly and annual reports for investors against the predefined objectives
  • Experienced ESD fund management and business development support

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