Hail Thee Thembisa

Funding returns SME to positive growth trajectory, allowing her to meet the demand of 200 clients and save existing jobs.

Myra Maboya is a local entrepreneur who runs an independent depot for Swissgarde in the Tembisa Township in Gauteng’s East Rand. Her business, Hail Thee, has been in operation for 18 years, distributing health, beauty, herbal, healthcare, skincare, fragrances and toiletries provided by Swissgarde to over 200 small distributors, both locally and as far afield as Zambia and Nigeria.

Myra’s success has come about as a result of her motivation, zeal, and drive, and as a result of her business, Myra has been able to support both her sons through school and university. Myra has such great passion for her work, and has a vision to plant 7 more sub-depots for the company, inspiring others along the way.

Unfortunately in 2011, Myra’s son was robbed, leaving her unable to replenish stock, particularly in the faster-moving product lines. Consequently, Hail Thee was caught in a negative spin, with insufficient stock to meet demand and generate sufficient sales to clear a profit.

Funding and growth support enables recycling company to reach its potential.

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