At Edge Growth, we embrace both the spirit and the letter of the B-BBEE codes and have adopted a holistic approach in terms of transformation. We are embedding empowerment at every level of the organisation and in everything we do.

As part of our commitment to enabling empowerment in everything we do, we are proud to be a Black Owned,   Level 2, Enterprise & Supplier Development Beneficiary.

How our Score was Achieved

This score was awarded to Edge Growth on the basis that it is an empowering supplier through its three entities and is now under majority black ownership of 51.88 percent, applying the FLOW THROUGH PRINCIPLE method.

Our equity shareholders include African Rainbow Capital (Pty) Ltd, Jayesh Nair and our Edge Growth Employee Share Ownership (ESOP) Trust that benefits top black performers at the company.

Even though we qualify for automatic recognition, because of our ownership status, we believe in the spirit of the BEE Codes and we are therefore ensuring that we are complying with the requirements of the Generic scorecard as well.

We were very proud to welcome African Rainbow Capital recently as new shareholder to the business and we will continue to seek more ways to extend our impact on empowerment, both through ESD and black economic empowerment.

Accreditation with Financial Services Board

Edge Growth is accredited in the capacity of Fund Manager for Enterprise and Supplier Development Funds. As such, we are recognised as being expertly equipped to advise independent funds on how to best invest capital related to Enterprise Development.


With B-BBEE codes mandating that large corporations commit a minimum 3% spend of profits to investment in the development of local small and medium enterprises, Edge Growth provides and acts as an advisor to a number of fund vehicles structured around strategic Enterprise Development.


Our role includes the sourcing, assessment and selection of high-potential SMEs for investment on behalf of Trustees, as well as the provision of any critical non-financial support post investment, to ensure that each SME’s performance is optimised.


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Afropark receives tailored business development support to unlock the business’ growth potential.

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