The ASISA Fund Accelerating and investing in industry-aligned suppliers

Designed to build businesses. Together.


The ASISA Fund was established in March 2013 on behalf of South Africa’s savings and investment industry.The fund places specific focus on Enterprise and Supplier Development and is structured as a Category A beneficiary in line with the Financial Sector Code (FSC) requirements, making it an optimal B-BBEE investment solution for funders.

Providing investors with an optimal solution to develop and invest in industry-aligned enterprises and suppliers in order to achieve impact, compliance, financial and sustainability objectives. The fund’s model is uniquely designed to provide both tailored acceleration as well as investment support to high potential enterprises and suppliers.

Since its inception the Fund has:


“We understand that SMEs require more than just financial support in order to grow.
We also understand that every SME is a unique business with a unique business need.
That is why our Fund offers tailored business acceleration support as well as financial
investment structured according to the specific needs of each SME.”
Leon Campher, CEO ASISA (Association for Savings and Investment South Africa)



The Association of Savings and Investment South Africa wanted to establish a means to assist SMEs with commercial funding sourced from their industry.


Edge developed the strategy to set up an end-to-end fund solution for ASISA with a specific focus on enterprise and supplier development.


Structured as a Category A beneficiary in line with the Financial Sector Code (FSC) requirements, the Fund now provides an optimal BEE investment solution for investors enabling them to invest in industry-aligned SMEs and, in so doing, achieve impact, compliance, financial and sustainability objectives.

For further information on the ASISA Fund, contact +27 (0)21 671 2658

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