Why your executive committee isn’t convinced by your ESD efforts, and how to change their minds

Business executives are big fans of expediency, often needing a little extra help to realise that there’s simply no quick-fix for effective and impactful Enterprise and Supplier Development. There are many “hacks” to achieve short term wins in the ESD game, but cutting corners to score compliance points while achieving little in the way of

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Should you do your ESD strategy alone – or partner with a service provider?

One of the biggest challenges of any ESD strategy is deciding whether to go it alone or work with a provider. There are pros and cons to both internal and service provider strategies, but which one is best for measuring your ESD results? To help make your choice easier, we’ve compiled the benefits of each

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How big business and SMEs can help each other

Because of the huge potential impact that empowering entrepreneurs and SMEs in South Africa has in uplifting communities and economies, enterprise and supplier development is undoubtedly one of the most powerful forces for change. However, a successful ESD strategy often requires a continual, gradual injection of capital. This can be a bitter pill to swallow

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Small suppliers for big impact: Optimising your supply chain in a turbulent economy

In our third consecutive quarter of negative growth, it’s becoming all too clear that South Africa is well and truly facing some tough economic times ahead, and businesses are already beginning to suffer. According to Statistics South Africa, weak manufacturing and trade sectors led the recession, with falls of 3.7% and 5.9% respectively in the

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What recession? The vital role of procurement in tough economic times

It may seem counter-intuitive, but experience tells us that tough economic times call for action and innovation, not conservatism. While concerned business owners keep an eye on the looming cloud of economic recession in South Africa, some might be tempted to cut spending where they can, in an effort to protect dwindling cash flow. But

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How Edge Growth and Sanlam are building South Africa’s SME sector, one SME at a time

South Africa’s economy was dependent on its wealth of mineral resources for the longest time, but this is changing as the tertiary sectors of wholesale, tourism, finance and more have begun to overtake the stagnating primary sectors in terms of paving the way to a more sustainable economic climate. This is why, when the ASISA

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Why industry experience is vital to success when choosing an ESD service provider

Blindly donating a portion of your business’s hard-earned profits toward maintaining a glowing B-BBEE scorecard might ensure compliance on paper, but no contributor should be satisfied with simply ticking all the boxes. Your ESD contribution, representing the largest chunk of a business’s B-BBEE rating, is not meant to be a handout. It is set aside

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Enterprise and Supplier Development is now the best way to boost your business’s B-BBEE scorecard

The Department of Trade and Industry’s revised generic B-BBEE codes have many businesses carefully weighing their options to maintain compliance and competitiveness in the fast-moving South African market. And while many large corporates, who employ dedicated ESD managers, are homing in on Enterprise and Supplier Development as the most effective and affordable way to fast-track

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Beyond the tick box: How Edge Growth instils a real commitment to ESD in its partners

Most transformation managers will already understand that convincing an enterprise’s Exco to become wholeheartedly invested in pursuing Enterprise and Supplier Development is easier said than done. Some may view ESD as a necessary sacrifice in the name of B-BBEE compliance and an attractive transformation scorecard. Others may be wary from unpleasant past experiences – channelling

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4 signs your ESD provider will use your funds wisely

An improved B-BBEE scorecard is just one of the benefits of supporting Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) within an organisation. For most enterprises, the real appeal of ESD lies in the ability to make a difference to South Africa’s rate of transformation, and nurturing fledgling companies into the job-creators and market-leaders of tomorrow. Find out

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Why your executive committee won’t sign off your ESD programme budget

As the most significant contributor to a business’s B-BBEE scorecard, it’s no wonder that Enterprise and Supplier Development is high on the agenda of any South African enterprise. More often than not, corporates now require their suppliers to be B-BBEE compliant, and stipulate this requirement in their tendering processes. Supplier compliance is no longer a

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Tailored to suit your environment: How Edge Growth ensures ESD success

Successful Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) initiatives require an intricate mix of business and strategic decisions, financial expertise, intimate experience and critically timed funding, among various other factors. When the conditions are just right, a well-executed ESD programme can stimulate significant growth for SMEs and provide an array of benefits to the company implementing it.

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